Inflatable air tracks are designed mainly for gymnastic training which are light and very convenient for home-used! We will use the Korean DWF for the jumping area which will be durable and softer for the trainer to jump on! All our air tracks will be in a standard of international match !

         We will only use the best quality DWF material with Plato PVC tarpaulins to make these items by our professional workers who have been working in this area for more than 10 years! Logo can be printed on and we will use the silk printing method for this!

         We have done a lot of testing to make our products to be better and better, for examples, we will only use the best quality silk printing which can print the logo from the inside for keeping the printing for a long time, as for the reinforces, we will do as more as we can on the jumping part and the handles, as for the shipping, we will use the double packing bags for all our inflatable air tracks, the PVC bag for package and the woven bag for further protection which is mainly for the shipping!

        We are focus on all the details of the products, and we will always provide you with the best quality products, do not hesitate and click for the inquiry!


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